EU-China Joint Innovation Center

Core Business

> Information Service
Through the accumulation, introduction and Big Data analysis of technology resources, EUCJIC aims to build a professional, collaborative, international interactive information platform with the core of international innovation, and realize the rapid navigation, response and interaction for technology achievements, innovation and startup.
> Round-table conference
By holding innovation themed roundtable conferences in forms of seminars, closed-door meetings, sessions and others, EUCJIC established an exchange platform for EU-China officials, industries, academia, institutions and intermediary to reach bilateral consensus and broaden international perspective.
> Summit
By bringing together enterprises, universities, scientific research institutions, technology transfer centers, technology service providers and financial institutions from all over the world, EU-China annual technology and innovation forum will become a significant carrier and platform to initiate dialogues, communication and constructive cooperation on technology, innovation, economy and other fields among political, academic and business circles.
> Value-added Services 
EUCJIC will provide customized value-added services according to specified technology. It focuses on seeking and selecting cooperation opportunities; making arrangements with potential technology providers for technology exchange, connection, business investigation and cooperation; providing exclusive services for important scientific and technological projects, such as thorough technology analysis and consultation, market demand investigation, intellectual property strategic planning and project operation assessment.