EU-China Joint Innovation Center

Strategic Plan


As the corresponding project proposed by the EUCJIC to support the Horizon 2020 from European Commission, the International Technology Canal Plan (ITC Plan) is exploring a new exchange and cooperation channel for international technology resources.  By constructing an international “technology canal” platform of scientific and technological achievements, innovation, technology and funds, the ITC plan aims opening a new pattern for technology synchronization and realize the synergy effect of technology and economy between Europe and China. 

EUCJIC is responsible for the access of Chinese members and the implementation of related projects and activities as the initiator and standing member of the ITC Plan.  Meanwhile, by cooperating with multifarious partners from both Europe and China, ITC Plan is planning and formulating the system for the international technology exchange and cooperation so as to break through the current bottleneck of international technology exchange and establish the standardized collaboration model of technology resources and application under an open, fair, secure and efficient order.